18-19 октября состоится конференция "Изменения и вызовы глокализации в России и Северо-Восточной Азии"

Конференция проводится совместно Институтом российских исследований Университета "Ханкук" и Институтом восточных и западных обществ Факультета социологии СПбГУ в рамках договора о сотрудничестве от 08.04 2011.

Call for Papers


Changes and Challenges in Glocalizing Russia and Northeast Asia


October 18-19, 2013

Institute of Russian Studies

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea


In the age of glocalization, we cross borders in our daily life. Those borders are not only borderlines between countries, but also social, cultural, psychological and mental borders existing in today’s glocalized society. For examples of these borders, one can find borderlines between central and regional authorities, towns, countryside, immigrants and natives, as well as borderlines between different social, political, cultural, and religious groups. How did the process of globalization break down these various borders within Russia and also among various countries of Northeast Asia? To what extent did the glocalization become everyday experiences for local communities in these regions? What are the changes in social, political, economic and cultural phenomena that have appeared in these regions during the process of glocalization? What are the tensions and conflicts that glocalization has promoted in these regions? By identifying the problems and effects of glocalization in this conference, we hope that this conference will contribute to raising mutual understanding of these regions and also promoting close future ties among countries in these regions. Some examples of possible topics for presentation in the conference include but are NOT limited to the following:


-Possible topics:

Place and identity

Memory and glocalism

Cultural diversity, multiculturalism

Everyday experiences

Local mass media/communication

Integration of local market into global market

Global migrations


-Conference languages: English and Russian

-Proposals: Please send your proposals of 300 words in English or Russian to Dr. Jooonseo Song at songjoo1@gmail.com . Proposals are due by August 2, 2013. Successful presenters will be notified before August 16.

-Final papers: Final papers are due by September 30, 2013. Please understand the early deadline. We need extra time to prepare a conference proceeding by compiling all the final papers.

-Free Accommodation: We will provide FREE accommodation for all participants from abroad during the period of 17~20th October.


If you have any questions please contact Dr. Joonseo Song at songjoo1@gmail.com


Joonseo Song, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Institute of Russian Studies

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies