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Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

Region is a new regional studies journal, which is prepared to be published across the US and Eurasia by the Institute of Russian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea.

Aims & Scope

Region will be a peer-reviewed international journal that explores the history and current political, economic, and social affairs of the entire former Soviet bloc. In particular, the journal will focus on various facets of transformation at the local and national levels in the aforementioned regions, as well

as the changing character of their relationships with the rest of world in the context of glocalization.

The following topics will be most prominently featured:

Regional identities in globalized societies

Communication and transmission of information

Migration and boundaries

Transition: politics, economy, society, and culture

Theories and methodologies of regional studies in the context of “glocalization”

Imagined territories: cyber space, urban vs. rural, center vs. periphery, etc.

Inter-regional cooperation

Identities in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods, memories, and nostalgia

This journal will be distinguished from others in similar fields by its (g)locally oriented perspective.

This journal will also regularly give a certain portion of space to articles on concrete local issues

written by local Eurasianist scholars.

Editorial Board


Siegelbaum, Lewis (History, Michigan State Univ., USA)

Hong, Wan-Suk, (Politics, Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies, Korea)

Managing Editor

Jung, Hakyung (Slavic Linguistics, Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies, Korea)


Avdokushin, Evgeny (Economy, Moscow State Univ., Russia)

Clowes, Edith (Literature, Univ. of Kansas, USA)

Epstein, Dan (Politics, Colgate Univ., USA)

Goldman, Marshall (Economy, Harvard, USA)

Golosov, Grigory (Politics, European Univ., Russia)

Goscilo, Helena (Literature & Film, Ohio State Univ., USA)

Guihai, Guan (Politics, Pekin Univ., China)

Hong, Wan-Suk (Politics, Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies, Korea)

Kononenko, Natalie (Folklore, Univ. of Alberta, Canada)

Krylov, Mikhail P. (Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

Lovell, Stephen (History, King’s College London, UK)

Petrov, Nikolai (Politics, Carneigi Moscow Center, Russia)

Raleigh, Donald J. (History, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)

Ransel, David (History, Indiana Univ., USA)

Sakwa, Richard (Politics, Kent Univ., UK)

Siegelbaum, Lewis (History, Michigan State Univ., USA)

Tangalycheva, Rimma K. (Sociology, St. Petersburg State Univ., Russia)

Watchtel, Andrew (Literature, American Univ. of Central Asia, Kyrgyzs